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How to make oil paint dry faster

  There are many ways to make an oil painting dry faster like the use of turpentine, additives (such as driers) and fast drying oils. In this post I’m going to show you how to make oil paint dry faster using the substances that I’ve mentioned above. Before starting, I have to tell you that

25 oil painting tips

  Often through guides it’s easy to lose some important pieces of information, that’s why I’ve decided to pile up some relevant concepts in the shape of a list that will help you improve your painting skills and spare some time and material! While you paint, Protect your skin from toxic substances using gloves or with

What is an easel?

What is an easel? The easel is an instrument, made of wood or metal, used by the painters to hold the canvas or the board in order to paint on them. The origins of this instrument date back to more than 2000 years ago. Indeed, easels were already in use by the ancient Egyptians. Because

11 Types of easels – Find the Perfect easel for you

  On the market there are lots of Types of easels and the embarrassment of the riches can be confusing, above all if this is the first time you are looking for an easel. That’s why I’ve created a complete list of all the types of easels. I hope this list will help you find the

how to mix the color

Advertising Mixing the color is one of the most important steps in oil painting, it’s very hard to paint only with the “pure” colors because they fight each other in the painting and this competition spoils the artwork. Moreover, if you use only pure colors you’ll have limited range of colors. Before knowing how to

brushes for oil painting – How to choose the perfect brush

The brush is one of the must-have tools in oil painting. In this post I will explain the materials which compose the brush, the main brush shapes, how to choose the best brushes for oil painting and how to look after your own brushes. Material and  characteristics The brush is composed by three parts: handle

oil painting mediums explained

Usually the painter doesn’t use the colour as it is when it has just came from the tube. The colour has to be mixed with an appropriate medium. A medium is an additive the purpose of which is to change the feature of the colour, e.g. It edits the consistency or the time of drying.