Blick French Easel By Jullian – 2018 Review

If you are looking for a portable easel, take into account the Blick French Easel By Jullian. Through this post I am going to give you all the necessary information about this item and I am going to show you its pros and the cons in order to help you decide whether the Blick French easel is suitable for you or not!


Blick French Easel by Jullian


Product: Blick French Easel By Jullian

Price: 390$ (Full box), 340$ Half box

Place to buy: Dick Blick Art Materials

Guarantee: Money-Back Guarantee

My Rating: 8 out of 10



The Blick French Easel by Jullian is a portable easel specific for en-plain-air (outdoor) painting. This easel is made of treated beech wood and has got a tripod structure, which confers much stability. The Blick french easel contains a waterproof metal box to carry color tubes, solvents brushes and even a palette (which is included). This item is sold already mounted.

The Blick French Easel can hold canvases up to 34″-87cm- height. Moreover, it includes a bag to store it and carry it around.

The Half box and the Full box

Blick French Easel by Jullian

The Full box                                The Half box

The Blick French easel by Jullian comes in two versions: The Full-box and the Half-box. The difference between these two models consist in the dimension of the box that contains the supplies.


Obviously the size of the box has an impact on the weight, the occupied space and the price. The Half-Box easel weights about 2lbs -1kg- less than the full-box and occupies less space ( 36,6 Liters instead of 56 liters).

The price is also influenced by the dimension of the box. The half box costs 50$ less than the full-box.


Pros and cons

Like every item, also the Blick French Easel posses both positive aspects and negatives aspects. This Easel has got a lot of advantages, which fortunately overcome by far the two disadvantages.

However, you should pay a lot of attention to the latter, because they are the ones that determine if this easel is suitable for you or not!

Here is a list of the pros and cons:


  • Not bulky: When folded the Blick French Easel takes up little space. This is a fundamental feature fore every portable easel. Moreover, it is easy to store when not in use.
  • Capable and waterproof Box. The box has enough space for all your necessary supplies.
  • Can be carried on the back like a bag. This feature allows the easel to be carried around easily, above all if you need your hands to be free. But you can also carry it around like a briefcase.
  • It the bag can hold also the canvases. This characteristic is advantageous above all for the painters that love walk to find their subjects, because if the canvases are stored on the bag you don’t have to hold them in your hand.
  • Angle and height are adjustable for more Comfort. This is a must have for every quality easel because the adjustability means that the easel can be adapted to everyone’s needs and preferences.


  • The price. The Blick french easel By Jullian costs 390$ for the full-box version and 340$ for the half-box version.I think this is the main cause that discourages people from buying it. Not everyone can afford to pay 390$ for an easel.However,it can be found on discount (if you are lucky you can buy it out for a little more than 100$ -personal experience- and I think that this price for an easel like this is really a bargain) so don’t be discouraged, you might end up paying much less than the full price.
  • The weight: The full-box weights 13lbs -6 Kg- whereas the half box weights 11lbs -4.9Kg-.Take into account that to this weight you have to add also the weight of the supplies and of the support (canvas or canvas pad) so add at least 1 lbs-0.5 kg- of weight.This aspect can be more or less annoying depending on the person and on the purpose of the easel (if you know that you won’t have to carry it for a long distance then the 13lbs might not annoy you very much). But don’t underestimate the weight, or you will end up with an item that you can’t exploit entirely.


To sum up

The Blick French Easel By Jullian is a quality and valuable item: It has all the fundamental must have that a portable easel should posses.

I would recommend this item to the people who love painting outdoor, for whom the 6kg of weight are not a problem and who have already defined a budget and can afford the cost of the easel.

As I’ve already said, Before buying this easel evaluate carefully the price (in relation to your budget) and its weight.

If you have a restricted budget opt for a more economical item or wait for the discounts.

Moreover, take into account the space that your necessary supplies, like tubes and brushes, take up: If they occupy little space you can opt for the half-box easel instead of the full-box one.

If you have found this review helpful or you have any question related to this item, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I will answer as soon as I can!


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